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A kiss can change everything...

When real estate magnate Curtis Frye becomes the one to watch, the confirmed bachelor becomes the man everyone wants to have. He’ll do anything to dim the media spotlight interfering with his projects, even make the riskiest and most important business proposal of his life.


Ever since Robyn Tindall refused to let Curtis fire her, she’s smoothed the edges of her boss’ complicated and hectic life. And fallen hopelessly in love with him. When he offers her a dazzling diamond ring, for a moment all her dreams come true. Except the engagement is as fake as tooth fairy, while her attraction to him as all too real. Pretending to be madly in love is easy, knowing his attentions are all for show is heartbreaking. She escapes to his private island, but Curtis is there to show her they could have a true sexily ever after.

Fight Excerpt​         Bad Boss Excerpt      That Pool Scene Excerpt



  • This is a fantastic story with very strong characters who were beautifully written and I immediately fell in love with both of them.— The Good, The Bad, and the Unread

  • A wonderfully sexy and fun book…Their sexual encounters were extremely erotic.—The Romance Studio

  • The characters were splendid and jumped off the pages. The whole concept of the story was very intriguing and was enough to keep me glued to the pages until I finished the book. Would this happen in the real world? It would be very nice if it did and I was Heather. The sexual tension was exactly where it needed to be—Fallen Angel Reviews

The Billionaire's Runaway Fiancée

#1 Amazon Best Seller


Passionate Plume Finalist

Previously published as Her Cinderella Complex. The book has been updated and expanded.

Invested in Love, 2
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