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Bestselling Romance Author

Romancing Rakes: Do you have any writing rituals?


JBB: I have writing pants. No joke – leopard, zebra & frog. I write better when I’m comfortable. And I tend to stick with one manicure style when drafting a book. Caribbean Casanova was Ruby Shoes (sparkly red).

About Me...

You’ll never support yourself, they said. Have a back-up plan they said. You don’t have the time...


‘They’ were only right about that last one. Somehow, while overwhelmed with caring for two boys under two, the house, recipe developing, and health drama, Jenna made the time. She finished her first romance novel in November, and Mills & Boon published it in May. She’s gone on to write more than twenty-five books.


Jenna is still making the time for her stories, and now her readers. Women she often finds out are just like her, looking to escape the world of three kids in three schools, soccer carpool, school board meetings, housework, and buying boats for too many doctors. She tells fantasies of billionaires and beautiful locations, cowboys and fake engagements, women we all want as friends and men that we hope ours act like on occasion.


Jenna is available for speaking engagements, workshops, interviews, and appearances. She loves to chat with book clubs and writing groups, in person or through video chat.


Learn more about Jenna’s romances at:

University of Oregon
Romance Writers of America
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