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He's not ready to let her go...

Megan Carlton might have forgiven financier Brandon Knight for his hostile takeover of her family’s hotel empire, but the betrayal of seeing him kissing another woman severed their secret affair. Broke and alone, she learns to stand on her own, until Brandon finds her serving coffee and surviving on tips. She’ll never trust him…yet the warmth of his touch provides the comfort and sanctuary she’s missed so desperately.


Brandon always got what he wanted, until Megan disappeared without a word. When he finds her months later working in a coffee shop, he wonders if she’s suffering from amnesia. Getting a scalding Americano to the chest proves she recognizes him, but she’s got the situation—and him—all wrong. Now all he has to do is prove it, or risk losing what he values most.


  • This sizzling tale about a suddenly-poor heiress and the love of her life who is behind her family’s financial ruin is as juicy as a soap opera and more fun than a day at the beach. The characters and strong and premise is intriguing and Bayley-Burke doesn’t skimp on the plot or secondary characters. At just over novella-length, this fast-paced contemporary romance will have readers clamoring from more by Bayley-Burke! — Romantic Times

  • Private Scandal is an engrossing tale which involves you from the beginning until the end. —Joyfully Reviewed

  • Ms. Burke has penned a fascinating read in this story where the couple being at odds delivers really strong chemistry, and ups the sexual tension until it spills over onto the pages in hot sex scenes that illustrated how good these two are together.   Book Magic

  • Jenna Bayley-Burke’s character development and knack for heightening dramatic scenes absolutely made this book. I loved it and I recommend it!   Wicked With Ink

  • I loved the banter and friction between the two main characters. The push and pull throughout the story will keep you invested and rooting for them. — Sultry Sirens

  • I loved this second chance love story and was so happy with the ending. Great job Jenna, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!   Sleep Deprived Book Lovers

  • I loved this book. I was captivated from the start. This book was definitely an emotional roller coaster ride.  — Moonshine's Corner

  • “The Billionaire's Private Scandal by Jenna Bayley-Burke, is a fun and sexy novel…It is a fast-paced read, replete with an engaging plot, well-defined characters, and a very seductive romance.” – Romance Junkies

  • “I loved this book!  Once you start reading you just can't stop!” –Pam D., NetGalley

  • “A sassy, slightly steamy romantic novel with well described characters and a great storyline!” –Lauren C., Goodreads 

  • I beyond LOVED this story!” –Sharon M., Librarian

  • “I really enjoyed reading this book. It has romance, comedy, secrets and misunderstandings- pretty much everything!” –Ofelia A., NetGalley

The Billionaire's Private Scandal

Billionaire Romance

Previously published as Private Scandal. The book has been updated and expanded.

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