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Road Trip Romance

Lust In Translation

Jaime Cruz has a to-do list a mile long. She needs to get back to her hometown, find a new teaching position and a place to live, and ensure all the preparations for her sister’s big wedding go off perfectly. Good thing she’s organized and has a strict itinerary. But when her ride across country insists she have fun along the way, her plans and schedule go out the window…literarily and figuratively.

Workaholic Xavier Moreau is taking an uncharacteristic vacation to drive across America to see all the places his mother loved. He didn’t expect to have the world’s biggest backseat driver riding shotgun, but he can’t really refuse to take his best friend’s future sister-in-law with him when the wedding they’re both in is a shared destination. Pushing Jaime’s buttons is more fun than Xavier’s had in a long time, but getting the luscious control freak to let go soon has him questioning his own future.





It's not often that I come across a book that makes me laugh, cry, and cheer. Run, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore or computer and buy your copy! Get ready for a wonderful ride... I mean read!!!

An unforgettable ride full of sizzling hot, clashing sparks!!! - Best Book, Long and Short Reviews – LAS Romance Reviews


Attraction sparks between these opposites, but it is going take a whole lot more for them to find their way to happily ever after.  Bayley-Burke's newest is a crazy and sexy ride from Washington DC to Oregon. Readers will eagerly turn the pages as they wait to see what happens next. From haunted B&Bs and whore-houses to a petting zoo, her main characters are on the road - and the romance - of a lifetime. -  Romantic Times Book Reviews, 4 stars

The sexual attraction between the main characters is sizzling. - Love Romances and More

You seriously must read this book! It is that damn good. Who the hell doesn’t like a hero who speaks French even when he’s having a sexy dream and is talking in his sleep? Who can’t appreciate a heroine who can talk dirty in something like seven different languages? These are people I want to know and be friends with in real life. People you know are going to make you smile and laugh until your sides ache. People who will go hiking with you or wait until you get that perfect picture.  – Guilty Pleasures, Slick

The book is light, fun. I love road trips with unusual stops and they go to a "sex-museum".... enough said!! – Books Are My Best Friend Forever


Sweet and angsty and funny! What a pleasure to read.  – My Book Addiction


Jenna Bayley-Burke roadtrips with romance in this fun yet emotional contemporary." - Night Owl Reviews


I loved every second of this book. I loved Jamie and Xavier! I loved their banter and stops along the way! This was a fantastic read for me! – Short and Sassy

This book was super fun and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a light hearted read. This is the perfect book to end the summer!Fern’s Book Blog


What do you get when you cross an uptight woman who wants to get from point A to point B in the shortest possible line in the fastest time legally allowed with a laid-back man who controls the wheels and wants to park them at every tourist dive following the craziest route imaginable? Motive for murder? You get a light-hearted romance to refresh your library between the other romances you enjoy. – Charlene, Goodreads

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