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Caribbean Cowboy

Under the Caribbean Sun, 4

Nik & Jannis

Caribbean Caress

Under the Caribbean Sun, 1

Joe & Saskia

Prepare to fall in love…


Welcome to the gorgeous Caribbean isle of Anguilla, where tourists flock for privacy and locals never have any. Some people believe there is magic on the warm sea breeze, knocking men and women off kilter until they fall madly in love. Whether it’s fate, the island playing Cupid, that everyone wears as little as possible to keep from melting under the Caribbean sun – the Prinsen brother’s aren’t about to argue, since it turned out so well for them.

Three brothers, one island, and the lengths they’ll go for love.


Not for those easily distracted by mancandy, seductive whispers, or creative…positioning. Indulging in this series may cause you to re-read repeatedly.

If you can’t stand the heat,

stay away from old flames.

Her touch is his greatest temptation ​


Sometimes a bad boy can be very good...

Caribbean Crossroads

Under the Caribbean Sun, 5

Caribbean Crush

Under the Caribbean Sun, 3

Antonnis & Kristen

Under The Caribbean Sun

Caribbean Casanova

Under the Caribbean Sun, 2

Harm & Holly

What's a little fantasy between strangers

Under The Caribbean Sun
Under The Caribbean Sun
Under The Caribbean Sun
Under The Caribbean Sun
Caribbean Castaway

Under the Caribbean Sun, 6

Under The Caribbean Sun
Under The Caribbean Sun
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